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Speeches, Writings and Statements of Iqbal

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Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan

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Speeches, Writings, and Statements of Iqbal is by far one of the most important
collections of ‘Allamah Iqbal’s prose writings. Its first edition appeared, in 1944, under the title Speeches and Statements of Iqbal. The compiler, who was in the service of the government at that time, had used his pen-name Shamloo. The collection went through a hasty reprint in 1948 which, while making a few additions, allowed a host of misprints to creep in. The same error-ridden edition was pirated several times until in 1977, during the Iqbal centenary celebrations, Iqbal Academy decided to bring out a revised and enlarged edition. Mr. Latif
Ahmad Sherwani, the compiler, thoroughly revised the collection, corrected the text and added fresh material to it that had been unearthed during the intervening decades.



Presidential Address Delivered at the Annual Session of the All-India Muslim League, 29th December, 1930.

Presidential Address Delivered at the Annual Session of the All-India Muslim Conference, 21st March, 1932.

Speeches Delivered in the Punjab

(i) On the Budget for 1927-28 — 5th March, 1927.

(ii) On the Cut Motion on Government’s Demand for Grant under Education” — 10th March, 1927.

(iii) On Government’s Demands for Supplementary and Additional Grants, 1927-28 — 18th July, 1927.

(iv) On the Motion for Adjournment regarding Communal Riots in Multan — 18th July, 1927.

(v) On the Resolution regarding Filling of Posts by Open Competitive Examination — 19th July, 1927

(vi) On the Resolution regarding Unani and Ayurvedic Systems of Medicine — 22nd February, 1928.

(vii) On the Resolution regarding Application of the Principles of Assessment of Income-Tax to the Assessment of Land Revenue — 23rd February, 1928.

(viii) On the Budget for 1929-30— 4tb March, 1929. (ix) On the Budget for 1930-31 — 7th March, 1930.


(1) The Doctrine of Absolute Unity as Expounded by Abdul Karim al-Jilani.

(2) Islam as a Moral and Political Ideal

(3) The Muslim Community - a Sociological Study

(4) Political Thought in Islam

(5) Islam and Mysticism

(6) Muslim Democracy

(7) Our Prophet’s Criticism of Contemporary Arabian Poetry.

(8) Touch of Hegelianism in Lisanul ‘Asr Akbar

(9) Nietzsche and JaIal-ud-Din Rumi

(10) The Inner Synthesis of Life

(11) Divine Right to Rule

(12) A Plea for Deeper Study of the Muslim Scientists

(13) McTaggart’s Philosophy

(14) Corporeal Resurrection

(15) Position of Women in the East


(1) Qadianism and Orthodox Muslims

(2) Rejoinder to The Light, etc.

(3) A Letter to The Statesman

(4) Jewish Integrity under Roman Rule

(5) Islam and Ahmadism

(6) Letter to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru about the Ahmadis, 21st June, 1936. 240


(1) Letter to M.K. Gandhi, Declining the Officer of Vice-Chancellorship of Jami’ah Milliyah Islamiyah, Aligarh, 29th November, 1920.

(2) Letter of Resignation of the Office of Secretary to the All-India Muslim League, published on 24th June, 1928.

(3) Extract from a Letter to Sir Francis Young husband, published in The Civil and Military Gazette on 30th July, 1931.

(4) Statement on His Impressions of World Muslim Congress, published on 1st January, 1932.

(5) Statement on the Report of the Indian Franchise Committee, published on 5th June, 1932.

(6) Statement Explained the Postponement of the Meeting of the Executive Board of the All-India Muslim Conference, issued on 29th June, 1932.

(7) Statement Further Explaining the Postponement of the Meeting of the Executive Board of the All-India Muslim Conference, issued on 6th July, 1932.

(8) Statement on the Reported Split in the All-India Muslim Conference, issued on 25th July, 1932.

(9) Statement on the Sikh Demands, issued on 25th July, 1932.

(10) Statement on Sir Jogendra Singh’s Proposal for Sikh Muslim Negotiations, published on 4th August, 1932.

(11) Statement Explaining the Resolution Passed by the Working Committee of the All-India Muslim Conference regarding Sikh-Muslim Conversations, issued on 10th August, 1932.

(12) Statement on the Communal Award, issued on 24th August, 1932.

(13) Statement on the Lucknow Conference of Nationalist Muslim Leaders, issued on 8th October, 1932

(14) Report on the Interview regarding the Lucknow Conference, published in Bombay chronicle on 21st October, 1932.

(15) Statement on the Resolution Passed at the Lucknow Conference, issued on 17th October, 1932.

(16) Statement on the Constitution Emerging from the Round Table Conference, issued on 26th February, 1933.

(17) Statement on the Conditions Prevailing in Europe, issued on 26th February, 1933

(18) Statement on the Constitution Outlined in the While Paper, issued on 20th March, 1933.

(19) Statement on the Rebellion in Chinese Turkestan, published on 16th May, 1933.

(20) Statement on the Disturbances in Kashmir State, Issued on 7th June, 1933.

(21) Statement on His Resignation of the Office of President of the All-India Kashmir Committee, issued on 20th June, 1933.

(22) Statement on His Rejection of the Offer of Presidentship of the “Tehrik-i-Kashmir,” issued on 2nd October, 1933.

(23) Statement on the administrative Reforms in Kashmir issued on 3rd August, 1933.

(24) Statement on the “Punjab Communal Formula,” issued on 14th July, 1933.

(25) Statement Explaining Sir Fazl-i-Husain’s Observation in the Council of State regarding Pan-Islamism, issued on 19th September, 1933.

(26) Statement on the Proposed Afghan University, published on 19th October, 1933.

(27) Statement on the Conditions in Afghanistan, issued on 6th November, 1933.

(28) Statement Explaining the Attitude of Muslim Delegates to the Round Table Conferences, issued on 6th December 1933.

(29) Statement on the Congress Attitude towards the Communal Award, issued on 19th June, 1934.

(30) Letter to Miss Farquharson about His Views on the Palestine Report, 20th July, 1937.

(31) Statement on the Report Recommending the Partition of Palestine, Read at a Public Meeting held under the Auspices of the Punjab Provincial Muslim League at Lahore on 27th July, 1937.

(32) Letter to Miss Farquharson about the Palestine Problem, 6th September, 1937.

(33) Statement Urging the Creation of a Chair for Islamic Research, published on 10th December, 1937.

(34) New Year Message Broadcast from the Lahore Station of All-India Radio on 1st January, 1938.

(35) Statement on Islam and Nationalism in Reply to a Statement of Maulana Husain Ahmad, Published in the Ehsan on 9th March, 1938.

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Speeches, Writings and Statements of Iqbal


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